Open Trip Among Jakarta Millennial Travelers in Post Pandemic Covid-19

  • Author: Derinta Entas *, Marya Yenny, Ni Made Dwiyana Rasuma Putri, Rina Kurniawati
  • Keywords: Open Trip; Post-Pandemic Covid-19; Postmodern Tourism; Millennial Traveler
  • Issue Date: 2022
  • Publisher: Atlantis Press
  • Colection: PROCEEDING


The primary purpose of this research is to identify trends in the travel activities of millennial tourists in Jakarta. The research method used in this study is qualitative descriptive by using an interactive data analysis model consisting of three flows. Data reduction, presentation of data in the form of images, diagrams, and tables to conclude conclusions. The concept of the open trip, customers behaviour, and customers intention became the theory used to analyze the problems in this study. The study findings were identified into three groups. First of all, current trends are dominant factors that influence millennial tourists’ activities, is access to making reservations and affordable prices. Second, identifying the pull factor and the driving factor of millennial tourist travel activities. The pull factor, which can be identified, is that travelling activities become a lifestyle, time for leisure, and out of the routine activity. Other factors are the relatively lowest price, the ease to find updated information, variety in selecting tourist destinations and attractions, practicality in the reservation process, and fairly straightforward travel itinerary, convenient transportation, and friendly tour leaders. Third, the choice of unpopular destinations is the selection of outdoor tourist destinations (protected forests, national parks, waterfalls, caves, and rivers), un-popular tourist objects such as old buildings, old houses, haunted houses, factories, cemeteries, artifacts of historical buildings. The implications of this study are to find out the shift in interest of millennial tourists in choosing activities and destinations.


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