Pengembangan Obyek Wisata Arung Jeram sebagai Daya Tarik di Gayo Rafting Kabupaten Aceh Tengah

  • Author: Reni Sulistiyowati
  • Keywords: Attraction, Rafting Atrraction, Special Interest
  • Issue Date: 2021
  • Publisher: Politeknik Sahid
  • Colection: JURNAL


Purpose of the ongoing research was the lack of funds for the development process of the Gayo Rafting

rafting tourist attraction in completing the infrastructure because it is managed by the private sector, of 

course this is an obstacle in development, plus the lack of tourist activities that can be carried out by tourists,

as well as the polluted environment of the Pesangen river due to waste leftover slaughter of chickens and 

garbage from the city. This research conducted aims to design a strategy for the development of gayo rafting

attractions, Methodology in this study, the method used by the researchers is qualitative which is used to 

find out the role of the government and managers in the development of gayo rafting tourist attractions.

Then to find out the obstacles in the development of gayo rafting rafting tourist attractions, as well as to 

find out the right strategy in the development of Gayo Rafting rafting attractions, researchers used the

SWOT analysis method. Implications of the results of this study were obtained based on calculations from 

the EFAS & IFAS Matrix, the Gayo Rafting rafting tourist attraction is in the dotted quadrant 1, namely the

quadrant of aggressive strategies. Where the Gayo Rafting rafting attraction has many strengths and 

opportunities in order to advance and develop in a better direction.

Keywords: Attraction, Rafting, Attraction, Special interest 


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