Studying the Consumption Behaviour of Generations Y and Z towards Ready-To-Drink Coffee

  • Author: Hurdawaty, Ramon
  • Keywords: generations Y and Z, ready-to-drink coffee, consumption behavior
  • Issue Date: 2023
  • Publisher: Politeknik Sahid
  • Colection: JURNAL


Purpose: This study aims to explore consumption behavior both Gen Y and
Gen Z towards ready-to-drink coffee in Indonesia.
Research methods: This study is a survey research with quantitative method.
The survey was conducted on 200 respondents employing online media by
delivering electronic questionnaire consisting of 16 questions related to coffee
consumption behavior and 6 demographic questions.
Results and discussion : Generations Y and Z like cold brewed coffee, prefer
to drink coffee at coffee shops while socializing, buy coffee with the highest
price range of IDR 20,000-29,000, often use delivery service by ordering
through the app.
Implication: it is appropriate for coffee shop owners to carry out a marketing
mix (4P) i.e. product, promotion, price and place (distribution mix) with
reference to the consumption behavior of coffee from them, so that the
sustainability of the ready-to-drink coffee business can be achieved.


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