Analyzing Local Residents’ Perceptions of Tourism Activities in Tourism Areas

  • Author: Maryetti, FX Setiyo Wibowo, Nuryadina Augus Rini, Sahlan Toro
  • Keywords: local residents’ perception; tourism activities; tourism areas
  • Issue Date: 2023
  • Publisher: Atlantis Press
  • Colection: PROCEEDING


This study aims to 1) analyze local residents’ perceptions of tourism activities in the Baturraden tourism area from economic, social and environmental aspects, and 2) propose programs that need to be undertaken by Penta Helix. This study employs quantitative analysis with a survey method. Questionnaires were distributed to as many as 69 respondents who were local residents. The results of the study indicate that the local population’s perception of tourism activities is good. Yet, field observations found various obstacles dominated by the economic sector, including mentoring and coaching for business actors, business education and training for MSMEs, job opportunities for local communities, prices of goods and local community welfare. The implications of this study are 1) a survey on local residents’ perceptions of tourism activities is conducted regularly every 6 months; 2) immediately responds to follow-up any complains by local residents; 3) the importance of developing a blueprint for Sustainable Tourism in the Baturraden Tourism Area; 4) collaboration between the Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) with the Office of Manpower, Cooperatives, and UMKM (DisnakerKopUMKM) it is important to increase the involvement of local communities in tourism area management activities; 5) all stakeholders supervise each other with regular tests to monitor river water quality; 6) the importance of special attention related to building permits and regulations related to the environment.


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