Studi Komparasi Sebelum dan Sesudah Decoy Effect Pada Keputusan Membeli di Starbucks Jakarta

  • Author: Prishili
  • Keywords: Decoy Effect, Kopi, Keputusan, Pembelian
  • Issue Date: 2024
  • Publisher: Politeknik Sahid
  • Colection: PROYEK AKHIR


With the growth of coffee business in Indonesia which can be seen by the emergence of

various new coffee brands both from within and outside the country, companies must think

of ways to keep their products afloat amidst the increasingly fierce competition. Starbucks,

as a coffee brand that has been in business for a long time, applies the decoy effect as a

way to influence its consumers' purchasing decisions. Decoy effect itself is a game of

pricing strategy by providing a third alternative choice that is asymmetrically dominant, so

that consumers tend to change their preferences compared to when the choice is only

between two options. The aims for this study are (1) To see the differences in consumer

purchasing decisions at Starbucks Jakarta before and after applying the decoy effect (2) To

see the effectiveness of decoy effect on consumer purchasing decisions at Starbucks

Jakarta. The research method used is a pre-experimental quantitative method where there

is only one control and experimental class. The target population in this study are

consumers who have purchased Starbucks beverage products at least once and data

collection will be carried out by distributing online questionnaires via google form to

complete the research data. Data analysis used descriptive statistical analysis, normality

test, homogeneity test, Mann-Whitney test and also the N-gain test. The results of this study

proved that there were changes in consumer decisions before and after the decoy effect was

applied based on the Mann-Whitney Test which was carried out with a result of 0.000 <0.05

so that it could be concluded that Ha was accepted and Ho was rejected. In addition, the

decoy effect is also considered quite effective on influencing consumer purchasing

decisions where based on the N-gain test conducted, the results obtained are 0.68 for the

N-gain score so that it is in the medium category and 68% for the N-gain percent, so it is

considered quite effective. 


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