Rendang Sebagai Ikon Kuliner Lokal Di Kota Payakumbuh

  • Author: Maryetti
  • Keywords: Rendang, Culinary, Payakumbuh City
  • Issue Date: 2023
  • Publisher: Jurnal Sains Terapan Pariwisata
  • Colection: JURNAL


Purpose: The purpose of this research aims to determine the status of the rendng culinary icon

cultivated by the people of Payakumbuh City and to find out what the people of Payakumbuh City

should do or try to popularize culinary status in Payakumbuh City and beyond.

Research Methods: This research is a qualitative-descriptive which uses observations and interviews

as a method to collect data

The population in this study are employees and customers who are in stores that sell rendang, the results

of the data that have been collected will be described descriptively.

Keywords: Rendang, Culinary, Payakumbuh City 



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