Application-Based Digital Culinary Tourism Trends (Jakarta City Case Study)

  • Author: Asep Parantika, Kadek Wiweka, Harsiwi Rachmawati, Lecturer at Polytechnic Sahid, Student at Polytechnic Sahid
  • Keywords: Culinary Tourism, Online Application, Digital
  • Issue Date: 2020
  • Publisher: Politeknik Sahid : Jakarta., 2020
  • Colection: JURNAL


Currently  in  globalization  era, information  technology has been very attached to the people of the  world.  When  many  restaurants  create  new  interiors  and  menus,  as  well  as  new ways to order food, the concept of a restaurant in the 21st century prioritizes designs andthe existence of  smartphones  and  the  internet,  which  provides  many  applications  for  its  users  to  find  the desired  place  to  eat,  menu  information,  prices,  photos,  reviews,  and  other  information, including in Jakarta.The   emergence   of   application-based   digital   culinary   tourism,   which  makes  it  easy  for consumers to find a variety of places to eat as well as being able to find out other information, becomes the background of the characteristics and motivations of users towards these culinary attractions. Measuring the influence of users is done by seeing how much influence the motivation of these users have on the use of digital culinary tourism. The purpose of this study is to determine user activity   and  applications  in  the  use  of  application-baseddigital  culinary  tourism  and  to determine the motivation of tourists whenusing theapplication-based culinary tour and to know what factors are in the use of application-based  digital culinary tourism.This research method is a combined method or mixed-method, with the distribution of samples in  the  Jakarta  community.  The  results  showed  that  the  prominent  activity  in  the  use of digital application-based culinary tourism is to do a directory or see reviews, ratings, menus, or photos of  each  restaurant.  Another  user  activity  in  using  digital  application-based  culinary  tours  is  to use  the  online  food  delivery  application.  In  conducting  restaurant  directories,  users  often  use the Zomato application.  Then  in  making  a  table  reservation,  users  often  use  reservations  by telephone.  In  using  food  delivery  messages,  users  often  use  the go-foodservice  application, and sometimesin ordering catering online,  respondents rarely use the application

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